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Business intelligence

Mapsi offers Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consultancy dedicated to helping our clients get the right information to the right people at the right time.

The inability to integrate company information from multiple sources impedes current decision support systems. Although the data is there, the challenge lies in harvesting the data and turning it into a tool for competitive advantage. This requires data management and analytics expertise.

By implementing business intelligence solutions, companies can turn their data into information and derive real business value from it. Mapsiā€™s approach is client focused, business led and driven by gaining a clear understanding of the key data within an organisation to provide solutions that are easy to use and maximises business value.

We can help clients:

  • Design and develop Data Mart, Data Warehouse and OLAP cubes.
  • Identify and source key performance indicators to support management decision-making based on industry best practices and alignment with business goals.
  • Create architectures and presentation formats such as scorecards and dashboards to support cross-functional, decision-focused analysis.
  • Develop remediation roadmaps for existing business analytics architectures to improve data quality, timeliness, and reliability.
  • Create analytic platforms that source, transform, and deliver key data to support operational and financial decision-making.