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Data Governance

Mapsi helps our clients to analyze their existing data sources and design an architecture aimed at improving data quality and ongoing data governance, so that they are better equipped to address the key data management issues facing their organization.

Data governance is the processes or policies which guarantee that important data elements that can be trusted. A framework or set of processes is implemented throughout the enterprise, empowering the right people to take control of data and processes. A data governance program also includes technology, which helps identify and fix data issues, resulting in fewer negative events due to poor data. It’s also about the communication, identifying common language that will bridge the gap between IT and business managers.

In short, data governance is about management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data. Some of the key focus areas are data quality, data integration, policies around privacy, compliance and security, the data warehouse and BI, architecture integration and analysis and data access, in terms of archival, retrieval and storage.

We can help clients:

  • Identifying data anomalies and fixing them, particularly with regards to key data assets around important business processes.
  • Optimizing business processes and defining data rules.
  • Designating the right people responsible for information quality and security.
  • Creating policies for handling data, in case of initiative changes.
  • Coordinating with key business stakeholders to ensure that information policies support business objectives.