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Data Quality

Mapsi helps our clients extract the most business value from their data. With experience from diverse industries and business areas, our consultants ensure the success of all of our clients data-intensive projects to make certain we derive the maximum value from their most important strategic business asset—their data.

Incorrect data can result from user entry errors, corruption in transmission or storage, mismatched data dictionary definitions, and other data quality and process issues. Aggregating data from different sources that use different data standards can result in inconsistent data, as can applying an arbitrary rule or overwriting historical data. Incorrect data affects the ability of a business to perform its business functions and to provide services to its customers, resulting in a loss of credibility and revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and compliance issues. Incorrect data can wreak havoc with data analysis, reporting, data mining, and warehousing.

High-quality data is critical to the efficiency of businesses and institutions

We can help clients:

  • Improve the information value of their data, making the data more suitable for its intended use.
  • Make data more reliable, accessible, and reusable.
  • Improve the completeness, accuracy, conformity, and consistency of the data.
  • Resolve problems caused by bad data in business intelligence or data warehouse workloads, as well as in operational OLTP systems.
  • Define and implement processes to sustain good data quality.